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>>> Can a child on a visitor visa in the UK change his/her status and remain in the UK ?

Children who are visitors in the UK may, under Para 298, switch to remain in the UK, provided they meet the requirements of the Para 298

>>> Can a spouse of British citizen with a joint British citizen child, including a dual national child, switch in-country, while being on a visitor's visa ?

A spouse of a British citizen with a joint UK (or UK/Dual national child) may make an in-country (preferably, a same day service application as the level of the so-called discretion is higher in the PEO applications) FLR (FP) application based on the British child. If approved, the leave to remain will be the so-called L(eave)T(o)R(emain) under the 10 year Route to Settlement outside the rules. Then, of course, the applicant may switch into the “proper” LTR as a spouse of a UK citizen on the so-called 5 year Route to Settlement.