Жаль, что я далеко. Я бы с удовольствием сходила посмотреть. Пьесу написала дочь моей подруги. Будет идти до 24-го августа.


Under Peter Darney’s direction, Sasha Ellen’s Signal Failure is a romantic comedy that wanders happily between the serious and the downright silly. The show begins as any play that concerns itself with the London Underground should, with the unspoken rules of the commuter. The familiar fest of people-watching in public transport is examined with precision and meticulous detail. The script brilliantly captures the awkwardness of the tube along with the calculated system of rules that govern social interactions in such public spaces, from fleeting eye-contact to nervous smiles and accidental physical contact. Running on a lonely hearts column of people spotted on the tube, the play follows two misfits who find themselves romantically intertwined in a comical and, ultimately, incredibly moving production.

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